About Us

Welcome to Event Insider

Experience behind-the-scenes insights from one of the depths of the event industry from the supplier's perspective.

Event Planners and Thinkers
we're all about:

  1. Real Talk
    • This is a tastefully unfettered space for conversation.
    • We love a good discussion.
  2. Now Talk
    • Talk about the future is great philosophical fodder, but we will focus on the now and reflect.
    • We are going to leave thoughts and feedback that will help you now.
  3. Deep Talk
    • We will tackle issues that normally shouldn't be tackled by a blog like ours.

We want to be the voice of reason in this messy world of intangibles
Think of us as an alternative in a sphere dominated by misplaced inspiration and unfounded idealism.

Here's what we care about:
  • Spaces & Venues
    • Functional and Budget Friendly
  • Catering & Fine Dining
    • Delicious and Budget Friendly
  • Event & Marketing Tech
    • Reliable and Budget Friendly
  • Budget & Relationships
    • Friendly
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