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Shop at Asian Supermarkets

Local grocery out of stock? Asian-owned grocery stores may be your answer.

By: Howard Kwon
Tags: coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused US citizens everywhere to start buying in bulk to stock up and take refuge inside their homes. Due to panic-buying, many elderly or essential workers who are stuck at work until after shopping hours, are left without any supplies for themselves. All the grocery stores have been raided with barely anything left for others to survive on.

As grocery stores have seen herds of people clearing out shelves during this crisis, the city's Asian businesses appear to be fully stocked. Unfortunately due to fear, many Asian businesses, especially supermarkets, have been hit very hard by the pandemic. People’s fears have overcome their rationality and panic shopping is not helping.

Asian Groceries in Stock

Asian businesses keep fully stocked not only because of the fear surrounding the pandemic, but also because many Asian New Yorkers were prepared for the worst. An A & C Supermarket in Flushing started to see a rise of large amounts of rice being bought by customers on Feb. 26th, which by the next morning had been sold out.

Managers of Asian supermarkets, in areas with relatively large Asian populations, still are doing decent business and expected this influx since the news of COVID-19 was starting to spread. Also from the behavior exhibited by customers, they know they have to be prepared. Based on demand and experience from previous disasters like Hurricane Sandy, they have been making sure to keep in stock.

Many Asian supermarkets have taken precautions such as equipping their workers with masks and gloves, limiting the amount of shoppers at a time, and sanitizing the store in order to maintain a healthy environment for their employees.

Unlike many other grocery stores that leave produce out in the open, some Asian supermarkets have sections where vegetables are individually wrapped to protect them, especially from nefarious teenagers and people alike sneezing on them. Also, those stores are not only stocked with plenty of canned goods and non perishable items, but they also have a wide variety of pickled vegetables, dehydrated meats, frozen food, and plenty of snacks.

Asian Pears

Even if there are food items you have never cooked or eaten before being stuck inside is the perfect time to learn about them as well as create new recipes. Do not let fear stop us from getting the necessities we need, and make sure to not to give into panic-buying. Shop at an Asian supermarket because they have everything you need. Except hand sanitizer, that is still a rare commodity.

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