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Top Household Items to Clean to Combat COVID-19

Here are some great tips that will keep your house safer and cleaner even beyond the pandemic.

By: Howard Kwon
Tags: coronavirus

We all try and make sure our homes are squeaky clean. Sometimes life gets in the way and we end up letting things go. Now that COVID-19 has everyone at home, a lot of us are cleaning like maniacs. Of course cleaning a home from top to bottom is tough, and there is a lot to remember on what should be sanitized. Here is a small list to help you keep track of some of the things that need to be cleaned!

Cell Phones

Sanitize Cell Phones

Number one of course is your cell phone. Everyone, everywhere has their phone with them--it is definitely the number one item that should be sanitized.

Door Knobs and Locks

Sanitize Doors

I’m sure everyone is making sure to wipe down their door knobs, but don’t forget the locks as well!

Light Switches

Sanitize Light Switches

Need to make sure to light up the room and keep away COVID-19.


Sanitize Bags

Purses, backpacks, reusable shopping bags, totes, and more. Name anything that helps you carry things: you gotta clean it.


Sanitize Groceries

Make sure to clean all your items that have come in plastic and cardboard containers. Wipe down fruits and vegetables with mild soap and water.

Most importantly of all:

Wash your hands!

Here is a wonderful demonstration on how important it is to properly wash your hands

A great rule of thumb is to think about the items and places at home that get the most exposure to your hands. Make sure to keep on top of cleaning and disinfecting! Stay healthy everyone.

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