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The New Meetings and Events Normal After COVID-19

The events industry will have to adapt to the new environment. Read on for a glimpse of what that looks like.

By: Howard Kwon
Tags: coronavirus

Once the curve has finally been flattened, everyone will finally be able to start planning for events that have been cancelled or postponed. However, our event planning approach in light of COVID-19 will change for everyone. Here are a few Q&As on what we should be asking venues in the months to come, and our answers to those questions.

Are you keeping track of CDC guidelines when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic?

TKP has been keeping up with constant updates from the CDC through email updates, current news, and through the CDC and New York State Health websites.

What procedures have you taken to combat COVID-19?

TKP New York has created a set of procedures adhering to CDC guidelines as well as guidelines that are unique to our venue. A full description on TKP’s Concierge webpage. This page will be constantly updated to adapt to the New York business and social environment.

After New York State on Pause has been lifted, if social distancing procedures are still in effect, how will that affect event setups?

Our team has come up with several different ideas in helping enforce social distancing while preparing for an event. One of the ideas that have been established is floor plans by having attendees be 6 feet apart. If you would like to know more and have examples of the setups, please place an inquiry for a proposal on the TKP New York lead form to get information specifically for your event.

Even if the event we planned will continue to move forward, will we be able to have attendees access the event remotely?

Our facilities have conference phones available for use to act as the remote point of access for attendees that cannot attend physically. We will be able to supply a speaker attachment so they can be heard by everyone at the event as well. If you require videoconferencing, we have partnered with AVWorkshop to provide any add-on audiovisual services.

What safety equipment will the staff be wearing?

Staff will be given appropriate protective equipment. They will be wearing gloves, masks, and have sanitizing equipment such as disinfectant sprays and wipes.

What are the points of interaction between staff and attendees?

We recommend approaching introductions between staff and attendees through social distancing regulations. This includes allowing the staff to set up before approaching any food or beverage station, and allowing for time to disinfect and clean AV equipment and furniture. At this time, we want to limit face-to-face interaction. If you need assistance, staff can easily be reached through the Operation team’s email or by contacting the Sales Office.

How will the food be presented?

Food will be presented individually wrapped for pastries and boxed for lunch or buffet selections with COVID-19 Compliant, HACCP Certified caterers. They will be placed on sanitized tables with freshly, cleaned linen.

How many staff members will be present for my event?

The number of staff on hand will depend on the size of the event, and organizers will be informed of staffing. All will be informed of keeping up the TKP procedure and protocols for ensuring a safe environment.

What health and safety equipment will be provided for attendees during the event by the venue?

Staff will have on hand disinfectant cleaning products to clean after attendees and hand sanitizer for use by attendees. Unfortunately face masks and gloves are still difficult to come by, especially in bulk and are reserved for the staff only.

Should I be asking if environmental sanitizers (e.g. foggers) will be used?

There is a lot of talk in the news about how airlines and hospitals are using new environmental sanitizers, as well as Amazon warehouses. However, the CDC still has not confirmed or denied the effectiveness of any environmental fogger, including UV or vaporized hydrogen peroxide. As there is a lack of research on the effectiveness or safety of these methods, we cannot recommend event planners or even fellow suppliers and vendors to pursue these methods of disinfection or sanitization.

We hope this little Q&A helps in preparation for all their events and what to keep in mind once non-essential businesses are allowed to continue. TKP will continue to strive to assist all our clients to the best of our abilities. Stay safe and healthy!

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