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NYC COVID-19 Testing Sites Near TKP New York

If your symptoms worsen and you're in Manhattan, please contact one of the hospitals or health centers in this post.

By: Armand Jennings, Howard Kwon
Tags: coronavirus

In these times, it’s always important to remember where you can get medical help in your area.

As of March 25th, there has been a shortage of testing kits and medical supplies. New York City and the CDC recommend that if you have mild symptoms, stay home at all times!

You will not be given the test for mild symptoms.

Some symptoms to look out for are:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty Breathing

However, if you or a loved one’s exhibits the last symptom (difficulty breathing) or you or their condition worsens, unfortunately not every hospital and clinic has the means to test whether you have the virus or not. So here’s a small list of some local hospitals and medical clinics where you can get tested.


Bellevue Hospital

462 1st Avenue New York, NY 10016

As one of the oldest hospitals in America, Bellevue is definitely one of the best places to go in NYC. They have state of the art equipment and are one of the largest in the city. Just be sure to call ahead before you go over to get yourself checked out.

Harlem Hospital

506 Lenox Ave New York, NY 10037

Harlem Hospital is a staple hospital in NYC. They have engaged in plenty of innovative programs so it makes sense that they would be one of the few hospitals in Manhattan to hold testing. Once again, be sure to call ahead before you head over to get tested.

Metropolitan Hospital Center

1901 1st Avenue New York, NY 10029

Just like the other hospitals of NYC, Metropolitan has dedicated staff to take care of any needs you have. They provide educational events and different community events all throughout the year. It’s a hospital that will absolutely help you to feel at home.

Neighborhood Health and Medical Clinics:

Gouverneur Clinic

109 Delancey St New York, NY 10002

This clinic focuses more on Primary Care. primary care is the best kind of contact from all your medical needs. Primary Care doctors are trained to treat a large array of health problems.

Gotham Health, Sydenham

264 W 118th St Manhattan, NY 10026

Another great clinic for all your primary care needs. They are available on the evenings and weekends which is perfect for setting up appointments. They can also connect you with doctors anytime you need.

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