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TKP Concierge: Hardware Stores Nearby

A list for event planners who like to roll up their sleeves.

By: Frances Lopez
Tags: concierge, hardware stores

We don't expect you to be drilling or hammering during your event. But in the rare occasion you need something beyond a pair of scissors, you can count on these neighborhood hardware stores to save the day.

Scheman's Bryant Park

55 W 39th Street
(212) 398-0025

A quick two-minute walk from TKP is this one-stop-shop hardware store for any last-minute needs like special mounting tape or strong glue.

Brother's Hardware

26 W 38th Street
(646) 476-3179

Although a little smaller in scale, Brother's Hardware is another one-stop-shop where you can pick up tools.

Cooper Electric Supply Co.

29 W 38th Street
(212) 299-0570

Across the street from Brother's Hardware lies Cooper Electric Supply Co., which covers all your electrical needs in case your vendor needs something a little more complex like special wiring or lights.

Home Depot

40 W 23rd Street
(212) 929-9571

For everything else, there's always Home Depot, which is a two-stop train ride from TKP. This place is every handy person's adventure land. A perfect place for the I-got-this event planner.

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