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TKP Concierge: Stores to Pick-up Tech Gadgets

When you forget your charger or your SD card for your TKP event, check this guide.

By: Frances Lopez
Tags: concierge, tech gadgets, tech stores

The event planner life is hectic. So we understand come event day when you're running through the front door and you don't have everything you need. Missing a charger? Need an adapter to connect that laptop from Europe? Forgot to bring an SD card for the camera?

Before you go crazy and start pulling your hair out, let us guide you to the nearest places you can get all the last-minute necessities. We’ll make sure you have everything you need without having to go all the way back home.


442 5th Avenue
(212) 221-3517

As the closest office supply store near our venue, Staples comes in handy for any last-minute requests. Need name tags or mountains of pens? Take a five-minute stroll (or jog) to pick them up.

Best Buy

529 5th Avenue
(212) 808-0309

Best Buy often has sales on laptops and devices, so if you're from out of town and just need a Chromebook or tablet to get you through the week, head on over.


112 W 34th Street
(646) 968-4739

Target is a one-stop-shop for a lot of items, so you'll see it pop in our lists often. Tech gadgets are no exception.

B & H

420 9th Avenue
(800) 221-5743

If you have a more involved need, you can talk to the experts at B&H for audiovisual support. Their conveyor belt is also a marvel to see.

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