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Gadget essentials for event planners on-the-go

The right tools can improve efficiency and save you in a pinch.

By: Michelle Wu
Tags: event tech, gadgets, technology

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

With the look and feel of a ballpoint pen and the ability to digitize your words and sketches, it’s much more useful than a pen or stylus. Tiny dot patterns on Livescribe-compatible paper get picked up by the sensors of the pen, accurately recording every motion onto your smartphone or tablet.

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VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand

With the wave of a wand, you can digitize documents and photos straight to your computer via USB in as little as 3 seconds. We found the VuPoint Magic Wand very useful for our event planners, so you don’t have to retake several shaky pictures with the ol’ smartphone.

Flexible Cable Labels

Cable Labels

What better way to start off the new year by decluttering your desk space? Using wrap around cable labels is one of our favorite ways to organize all our identical black charging cords. Our favorite ones are from the container store--they’re color coded too!

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HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile

HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile

If anything goes wrong with the venue’s projector and you need a quick solution, pocket projectors are a great fix. Although these on-the-go projectors are not cheap, you’ll be able to conveniently project content onto any surface at a meeting or networking event.

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