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Until We Meet In Person: Building Emotional Intelligence

Technology has certainly helped us remain productive in one sense, but what of our emotional productivity?

By: Richard Kim
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People Meeting in Groups

But we knew this already. Of course seeing people flinch, laugh, and react to our ideas makes us more empathetic and intelligent. It’s how we’ve become professionals in our field. We did not do that over Zoom. And I don’t think anyone claims they can.

So what should we do in the meantime as we wait? How can we keep exercising our emotional intelligence?

Reconnect with Like-minded Friends

When everything is uncertain, it seems like you begin to think about people you haven’t seen in a while. You remember what made you click with them and how they made you feel. It’s a beautiful exercise of self-reflection, and can only help you appreciate the people you will meet in the future.

Join an Online Forum

Online Forum Icons

Of your many hobbies, it is eye-opening to see what the vocal or hardcore community looks like and where you fit in. I like to think about it on three dimensions:

What kind of people like what I like and what do they talk about? How are my leadership/socializing skills? Is my community sustainable (will it last)?

Online book clubs are particularly interesting.

Try Playing an Online Game


Public perception of the MMORPG genre has come a long way since South Park’s depiction of a World of Warcraft player.

Things I’ve learned from games:

There are a lot of good people that make up for all the nasty people. There are different types of pressure, some I’m not good at handling. Leaders and followers are equally important roles for success. Diffusion is a life skill.

Create a Blog


Nowadays, as long as you don’t mind the watermark from Wix or Wordpress, there are many services willing to host your thoughts online for free.

As marketers and businesspeople, we have to deal with the good and the ugly of human nature, and publicly laying out your thoughts and accepting comments is an exercise in patience and courage.

Make a List of Your Best Attributes

Because even if you mess up dealing with high-strung, stressed-out people, it’s not always your fault. And even if it is, it doesn’t negate the good stuff.

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