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How will the events and meetings industry recover?

The main sentiments from social media about the important questions of our industry.

By: Richard Kim
Tags: coronavirus

Our current mood can be summarized in two gifs:



And Twitter is mostly filled with spam-like content when it comes to COVID-19 in general that serve as an echo chamber:

The mostly visual Instagram is living almost in a state of denial with beautiful pictures of venues with the occasional mention of a global pandemic:

But the overall productive sentiments of our industry can be broken up into two categories:

We need to adapt and go Virtual

We need to Weather the Storm (and weโ€™ll be back to normal)

WIth the slightly more nuanced hybrid:

Yes we need to adapt, but Virtual how?

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Which of these do you agree with?

As a representative of a venue, of course I have an incentive to side with those who want to seek normalcy, but normalcy may be in short supply in the coming months. I believe venues and meeting planners need to work together to evaluate the real needs of a particular event. For corporate training, it may be wise to allocate budget away from F&B into livestreaming the event for those who wish to train from home, while providing incentives for attendees to show up with tchotkes or extra materials. Networking events can have a virtual booth for attendees to visit which will connect you to someone waiting in a virtual queue. Perhaps Google is right; we need a smarter, hybrid approach.

One note about our industry in general: we are amazingly positive. It comes with the industry, as we pride ourselves on understanding people and our willingness to help. Itโ€™s a shame that our positivity doesnโ€™t trend more.

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