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11 Useful Phrases to Enhance Your Hospitality en Español

Showing care and amor to your Spanish-speaking guests.

By: Frances Lopez
Tags: international business, hospitality, spanish

New York is a melting pot surrounded by people from all over the world who speak an array of different languages and dialects. In the events industry, it’s important to be hospitable and here in the City, we may come face to face with a client who may not be comfortable with English. The native speakers in our office are here to give you a Spanish lesson today. Whether you’re guiding guests to their meeting room or keeping them company until the Spanish-speaker in your office arrives, these useful phrases that may just come in handy the next time you greet your attendees. (These may be especially helpful if you’re learning Business Spanish—we know how tricky formal phrasing can be!)

Learn Spanish

¿Cómo puedo ayudarle?

  • How may I help you?

¿De qué país es usted?

  • Which country do you come from?

¿Le gustaría algo de tomar?

  • Would you like anything to drink?

¿Necesita alguna recomendación de un restaurante en el area?

  • Do you need recommendations for a restaurant in the area?

Si necesita información adicional, no dude en contactarme.

  • If there is anything you need help with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Si me necesita, estare en mi oficina.

  • I’ll be in the office if you need me.

Estaríamos encantados de mostrarle donde se encuentra su destino.

  • We would be happy to show you to your destination.

¿Necesita un cuarto de privacidad?

  • Do you need a privacy room?

¿Le gustaría una cotización?

  • Would you like a quote?

Si necesita ayuda adicional, por favor de llamar a este numero.

  • Please call this number for assistance.

¡Tenga un bien día y esperamos que nos visite pronto!

  • Have a wonderful day. We hope to see you again!

Of course, this list is only here to get you started. We know that there are vast differences between the dialects of Spanish spoken in the Dominican Republic, in Chile, and in Spain (don’t get me started about the maddeningly subtle differences within these countries). If you really want to go above and beyond, you can do some research about your client beforehand and see if you can go the extra mile with a local phrase. Happy learning!

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