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5 blogs to keep you creative

Filter bubbles create echo chambers.

By: Richard Kim
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All the hoopla about fake news and Facebook feeds has turned filter bubbles into a buzzword. Aside from the greater political implications, for event planners and professionals, limiting ourselves to the same blogs and blogs that deal exclusively with topics related to events can really limit our thoughts and stunt our professional and personal growth.

​One process that busy writers use to keep their creative juices flowing is to brainstorm for a new project they are working on for an hour a day--no more, no less. The process goes:

  • Step 1: Spend 15 minutes reading something completely unrelated, anywhere
  • Step 2: Spend 15 minutes writing down random ideas about the topic
  • Step 3: Spend 1-2 minutes to stare off into space and think about nothing
  • Step 4: Spend the rest of the time reviewing the random ideas and consolidating

I think we have steps 2-4 down-pat. Brainstorm ideas about the event on a whiteboard, stare off into the distance contemplating the meaning of life, before hunkering down and putting it into software or a proposal. But are you spending time getting smarter and building those neural connections?

Event planners are super busy, but the 15-30 minutes you spend reading about the chemistry behind onion caramelization or how Mercure de France changed fashion forever make a huge difference over the years. Your interests and thoughts will give your event ideas depth and vision that are wholly yours.

Here are 5 blogs (with some highlights) that can spice up your thoughts

Unicornomy Unicornomy: "Using all of this [the blogger] pens down all the possible scenarios that a business is going through to make money and from what seems at the fact of it."


​Want to know how beggars make money in India?
Use DuoLingo to learn Portuguese? Wonder how they make money?

Farnam Street Farnam Street: "Farnam Street is devoted to helping you develop an understanding of how the world really works, make better decisions, and live a better life. We address such topics as mental models, decision making, learning, reading, and the art of living."​


​The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals
The Work Required to Have an Opinion

Information is Beautiful Information is Beautiful: "Data, information, knowledge: we distil it into beautiful, useful graphics & diagrams."


​Tooth & Law (what is Kosher and/or Halal)
Snake oil Superfoods?

Mental Floss Mental Floss: "mental_floss is the international media brand that gives smart, curious knowledge junkies their fix with upbeat, witty explorations of everything from science to pop culture to tech to history."


​10 Ways to Master the Danish Art of Hygge in Your Home
What Pop Culture Gets Wrong About Dissociative Identity Disorder

Brain Pickings Brain Pickings: "Brain Pickings is my one-woman labor of love — a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why."


The Silent Music of the Mind: Remembering Oliver Sacks
A Stoic's Key to Peace of Mind: Seneca on the Antidote to Anxiety

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