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Work-From-Home and Workout-At-Home

Some tips and tricks to working out during quarantine.

By: Howard Kwon
Tags: coronavirus

Exercising properly was already difficult when everyone was out and about. It gets more difficult when you find yourself stuck inside. To maintain a proper physical health, it is recommended to maintain moderate to vigorous physical activity for 30 minutes daily. Here are a couple ideas to help you maintain your health and physique!

Household Cleaning or Gardening

Cleaning to Workout

Great options to get your thirty minutes of physical activity in while being productive!

Water Bottles as Weights

Water Bottle

Great substitutes to incorporate your exercise routine.


Great for cardio workouts, and there are people who have specific exercise routines for stairs. Here is a great example starting 2 minutes into the video.

Zumba or Impromptu Dance Party!

Dancing to Workout

Fun for yourself and for the kids around the house. Just look up a video to follow along, or just play some rocking music!

Jumping Rope

Jump Rope

Classic way of getting some exercise.

For a more effective and serious workout, look up at home exercise routines recommended by personal trainers. Here is a great one by one of Shawn Mendes’ past trainers.

These are just a few ideas on making sure to stay physically active. Hopefully this helps give you some ideas in being able to maintain a good workout during this epidemic. Stay strong and healthy everyone!

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