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Valentine's Day Dos & Don'ts

Show appreciation for the people you see day-in and day-out

By: Michelle Wu
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Valentine’s Day isn't a National Holiday—we all have to go to work on the day we're meant to celebrate with loved ones. But who says we can't bring some (appropriate) love to the office?


Bring Chocolates

Bowl of Chocolate

There's no surprise here when I say to bring chocolate, but small gestures go a long way. Grab a couple bags of assorted chocolates and leave them out in a candy dish for everyone to grab. Don't single anyone out and make sure to get nut-free/sugar-free options!

Decorate the Office

Pink Roses

Cozy up the office with some red, white and pink décor! Bringing new color and décor brings a positive energy into the environment. I know I get tired of seeing the same tables and plain black monitors every day from my desk. If you aren't allowed to go around and start hanging stuff off the cabinets, at least bring a few Valentine’s Day themed items to your desk space. Bringing a few pink/red roses and taping them to the side of your monitor will do the trick.

Play Games!

Gummy Bears

Organize a candy hunt! Hide individual chocolates and other candy in strategic places around the office. Use a point system to calculate who wins the prize (e.g. $15 gift card to a cupcake/candy shop or $50 gift card to support a nearby restaurant)

  • Candy in hard-to-find places = 5 points
  • Candy hidden in mildly hard-to-find places = 3 points
  • Candy in plain sight = 1 point

If someone gives into temptation to eat a candy while they hunt throughout the day… subtract a point.

If that's too much work, place a bunch of Valentine’s Day themed candy in a big jar. Have everyone in the office guess how many candies are in the jar and the winner can receive the price. Twist: the loser has to eat the entire jar of candy. (just kidding… maybe…)


Bring your personal life into the office

Old Man with Flowers

We know Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and affection, but it's best to keep that at home where it's more personal. If you plan on sending a bouquet of flowers to your significant other's office, maybe change the address and send it to their home. They'll still feel loved if it's low-key. But by all means, if you know they'll love getting surprised with a dozen red roses at their desk, go for it! :)

Wear your date night outfit to work

Bears in Love

After a fun and exciting day at work all day on Valentine’s Day, all you're looking forward to is getting out and having an intimate night with your loved one. Bring your outfit to work and change after you clock out. We know your significant other can't wait to see you in that revealing fit later that night, but your co-workers might not want to. Keep the outfit for his/her eyes only. *wink*

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